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Cheap Paper Bags in UK

Get cheap paper bags in UK from Sky Tags and bags. We are a top leading company for making vast ranges of bags with care and love. We are located in the UK and have many potential customers who repeatedly buy bags and tags from us.

We can be designed custom paper bags for you whether you need a paper twist handle, a flat fold handle, or no handle. Our teams can also custom print your design or logo on cartons, labels, and paper bags. The only limit is your imagination!

About Us

We offer the best quality & affordable personalized promotional items, customized corporate gifts and giveaways for your company promotion. We also provide all kind of printing and signage making service located in the UK.

We Can Help You With Your Artwork

If you have your own graphic designers, get in touch with us to learn about the best formats to use when developing print-ready artwork. Is there no designer? It’s no problem. Use our team of skilled packaging designers to create attractive artwork for your bag for a nominal price to help you stand out from the competitor.

Just give us your logo and some ideas on what you’d like to achieve! We can custom print your bags after a few days from artwork approval. Then you can start reaping the benefits of seeing your brand on the street or in someone’s social media feed.

Design Tips For Custom Paper Bags

We always choose the right colour to go with the backdrop colour of the paper bag.

Darker colours look best on a white paper bag, while lighter colours will show through the Kraft brown paper. If you want your printed details to stand out, we make sure the colour is bold, brilliant, or black enough.

We make your logo and company name stand out. Aside from the colour of your company name or logo, the font size and type we keep legible. If your customers can’t see your logo, they won’t be able to form a brand association or remember it. It’s important that the size isn’t too small. Clients should be able to identify your logo if it is placed near your name.

Include the most important and relevant details of the design. Add other details that will stir your customer towards the next purchase. List your social media handles, your website address, the locations of establishments, and contact numbers.

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Your Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

They’re a few tips that add up – that, taken together, carry your brand further.

UK Made

We are a family-owned and operated UK business with a manufacturing facility.


We provide the largest range of home-recyclable retail packaging.


Our custom bags can be used over and over and then placed in your place recycling bin.


We demonstrate our commitment to the surrounding and social responsibility through our actions.


Our custom paper bags will break down to natural elements within 90 days when treated in a commercial facility, as defined by UK standards.


Our paper bags can carry up many kilograms. Bags are checked with sandbags, with a small amount of agitation applied to simulate walking.

Our Story

We are an original signatory to the UK Packaging Organization, meaning we employ policies that contribute to the effective environmental management of packaging throughout its lifecycle.

This includes ensuring;

All supplies used in manufacturing our products are assessed for impact on the biosphere.

Our staff only use paper and board from sustainable, large, and reputable raw material suppliers, which means no old-growth forests are used.

We use as few inks and adhesives as possible, preferring instead to use water-based and soy inks as an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based inks.

Just A Few Of Our Friendliest Bags

Our cheap paper bags in UK are the most environmentally-friendly choice. These bags are compostable, sustainable, recyclable and strong.

We are also offering paper luggage tags so if you need them, come to our company.

Get in Touch With Us

Wanted to get an idea about our services, prices and any detail? You can get by calling us at 07360238910 or email at We will quickly respond to you, and your experience will remain best by consulting with our professional.