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Study about Foiled Swing Tags including its different dimensions

Foiled Swing Tags

Swing tags are the effective way for the brand recognition among the customers. They make your brand distinctive among the other brands. As a result, the customer’s engagement becomes extraordinary. Foiled Swing tags are used as a promotional product. These swings tags are utilized in different ways for the marketing purposes. Our company is providing these foiled swing tags with the customization options. In this way, the customer’s satisfaction is fully fulfilled.  Either it can be clothing brand and anything else, swing tags are the easy way for your brand popularity. They make the distinction easier among the other products among the customers.

Manufacturing process:

We are a group of professionals who make sure to engage with our customers. In this way, we design the swing tags in accordance with the customer’s needs. As we are offering customization options for swing tags. You have the liberty to choose the description by yourself. We use the popular silk of 350gsm. It makes the foil to shine more pleasantly.

As far as the colour of foils are concerned, we give three distinct colors. In this way, your marketing products get a sense of touch. You can choose between gold, copper as well as silver. It will make your foiled swing tags seems luxurious. Make sure when you are giving your description, all your artwork should include the total foiled. For this, white 350 gsm silk material will be used for foiling. It will have a white background. You can also get the colored background along with graphics printing.

Customization options:

Our company is offering the fully customization options in order to make your brand personalized. You can get the creative swing tags with the help of consulting our professional designs. You can also go through our website to have a look at our different swing tags templates. In this way, you will choose the best one for you. We also offer the customized printing options also including the fine inks.

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Custom shape and size:

The shape and size of these swing tags vary. It depends on the length of your text to be tagged. This will help to choose your size more easily. There are certain tips and options for your selection. These options are for the shape, fold as well as size.

Varieties of swing tags:

There are certain varieties of swing tags which can be chosen by a customer. These are given below: These varieties can be made in a easy manner.

1] Single tags:

These are the most common tags used. They are also very cost effective as well. You can choose them according to your desired design elements. These elements include the size, shape, format as well as drill hole shape.

2] Twin layered tags:

These are the very popular type of tags which provide a sense of eccentric approach to your brand recognition. In this way, your logo can be revealed through die cut shape. They have multiple layers of tags with them.

3] Booklet type tags:

These types of tags are used when you want to add the extra details. This detail is going to be added on your tags.

Try making foiled swing tags to shine:

The use of proper finishing touch can increase the fascination of your foiled swing tags. These can be added to your gifts as well as clothes with the help of our customized foiled swing tags. For this, you can choose single lamination. This way, you can add a handwritten note to give a more beautiful touch.

Why choose us:

We provide the top-quality services. Our services use the 100% pure and durable material. Client’s priority is always insured. We are a UK based company. Our designers have the 10 years of experience. We also offer the fine printing services of these foiled swing tags. We in the world of business pitting and packaging are very skillful. You can also go through our other services like local paper bags, organic tags etc.

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