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Hang Tags With String Suppliers

Sky COM is a top leading Hang tags with string and bags manufacturing company. We are located in the UK and has the experience and qualified team of designers. Our staff know everything about designing and printing the vast ranges of tags. We always use eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solution to save our earth. Let’s enjoy life by picking our attractive tag to fulfil your every need.

Yes, an Easy, Free Online Design Tool With Awesome Templates

Create beautiful, professional design online tags in minutes using our services. Select from multiple template designs and make them completely your own by customizing fonts, color palettes, and images (including your logo).


We do not provide a 48 hour turnaround guarantee. However, we find that most can be produced within five business days of proof approval, depending on your quantity and the number of finishing options you need. Let our print geeks know your deadline, and we’ll do everything we can to meet it.

About Us

We have been serving the trade and small business industries for over ten years. We provide the very best tags for small businesses, online retailers, boutiques and more. Whether you are looking for a full line of retail bags and tags, our company is always open to getting you what you need to start or maintain your business.

Our Vision

We hold the key to the future.

Marketers can use paper tags as a blank canvas to express their creativity. If companies want to improve the way they market, now is the moment to implement the finest solutions with the smallest carbon footprint. Since our inception in the UK, we’ve taken a distinctive approach to tags. The UK doesn’t plan ever to change that.

Our Idea

A concept worth trying

Producing environmentally friendly products can be as simple as the ink we use or where the supply we used has been sourced. We’re creating a smarter, better world where everyone in marketing can succeed in the digital era and market your business in good conscience.

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Why Are We Best?

Our product tags are a great way to give your sales and items a little more flair (and branding). These things, also known as hangtags or swing tags, are ideal for attaching to any product you sell and highlighting the price, ingredients, washing instructions, or other relevant information.

Our product tags come in a variety of paper types, including recycled ones. Our opulent foil-printed swing tags will set you apart from the competition, while our basic printed product tags can be delivered in a box load in only a few days.

Say “Hello” To Our Team

Good business is nothing without good people, and our company is fortunate to have some of the greatest staff.

The works are kept turning by a combination of newly certified professionals and seasoned veterans, but one thing we all have in common is our zeal for providing you with the best service possible. We work relentlessly for our customers to maximize speed and quality, guaranteeing that only the highest-quality prints leave our facility.

We work as a team, yet we have several teams that work together to ensure that your final tags look fantastic. While our Design and Pre-Press teams create your tags and set them up for printing, our teams will accept your call or email.

Our tag team manages the hardware to ensure that your work is delivered on time, while our Web and Marketing team manages our website, creates new print tags, and promotes our service to the rest of the globe.

So, with that out of the way, meet your hosts.

Hang tag string suppliers make round swing tags in UK according to your desires. Our quality control signs cover quarantine, inspection, bonding and work in progress. We also supply tags for goods awaiting inspection, hold, conforming goods, scrap, failed or reject, repair and rework.

Get in Touch With Us

Wanted to get an idea about our services, prices and any detail? You can get by calling us at 07360238910 or email at We will quickly respond to you, and your experience will remain best by consulting with our professional.