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Paper Bags for Hair Extensions Packaging

paper bags hair extensions

Do you want to pack your hair extension and other cosmetic products safely? Do you have any quality bags? If not, come to the Sister Concern Company tagsandbags. We have vast ranges of bags for you. Our manufacturers use various quality supplies to make the branded bags for your every need.
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We have been making paper bags hair extensions for ten years. We are located in the UK, so our existence makes the lives of the UK happier. We always make the bags that our customers deserve.
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While making bags for cosmetic product, we do not break our tempo. We use high-quality machines and tools for making all kinds of bags. We provide a guarantee of our bags.
Why Our Bags Are The Best?
For an eco-friendlier stance on your promotional paper bags, you will want to try the Kraft paper bags. Available in white or brown, our custom bags are 100% biodegradable and will definitely help the environment.
We are designed Kraft paper bags that come in exactly the same sizes as the laminate gift bags, except ecological. Our brown, Kraft and custom Bags are manufactured from 200gsm packaging papers, whereas our white a5 decomposable Kraft bags, white a4 recyclable Kraft bags, and white a3 environmental Kraft bags are made from 160gsm papers. Our paper bags can also be printed in up to full colour on all outside sides. Fantastic!
Our Expert Team
If you are searching for something a little bit special and designed around your brand and product, then customized packaging could be a countless option.

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We provide an excellent bespoke bag service, allowing you to make any shape, size, or design suitable for your artifact.

Our expert crew will be on hand throughout your journey, from your start concept to delivery and beyond. We aim to ensure you have eye-catching bags that connect your products to buyers.

Choose from our wide collection of options and materials, including:

  • Cardboard paper bags hair extensions
  • Fully branded paper bags for your event or store

Quality Printing

We will help you to promote your business by using our designed bags. You can print a lot of information on our custom bags to deliver the message to your customers. Our teams of designers’ carry out digital printing on custom paper bags to create them attractive. We use high-quality offset printing processes as well to make your order noticeable. Whatever you want to print on your white bags, we are here for your help.


We manage all delivery features to designate your location, containing customs clearance, papers and insurance in case anything goes wrong in the delivery.

Sky COM has skilled and experienced designers who make Paper Carrier Bags in UK. You can get in bulk amount at a reasonable price.

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Wanted to get an idea about our services, prices and any detail? You can get by calling us at 07360238910 or email at We will quickly respond to you, and your experience will remain best by consulting with our professional.