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As everyone is aware of the fact that the use of swing tags is increasing with every passing day. Their printing process is also getting high value among the customers. These swing tags are the best way to tell the audience about your famous and reliable company recognition. Our company at is providing you the best quality swing tags which you can choose for your brands.

Printing of our swing tags:

As far as the printing process of our swing tags is concerned, we often print swing tags in a variety of sizes along with a lot of options for the paper. We also go for the professional finishes so that you can choose the best one for you. We also have an artwork in pdf format so that you can be able to have your luxury swing tags which help you to have a great promotional tool.

We also do printing with the help of HP indigo Presses for the swing tags. In this way, the swing tags will be able to remain high, having distinct colors and clear manner in order to read text. This plays an important when your customers are looking for reasonable prices as well as the adequate sizing information.

As we are aware of the fact that swing tags are the source of perfect as well as a good compliment for liking clothing items as well as gift packages. This will help you to increase your brand recognition as well as overall publicity among the customers. We are well aware of the fact that the customers do not prefer an item which has a low-quality swing tag. Therefore,

Different types of printing for swing tags:

We do the printing of these swing tags with the help of different types. These types of printing for swing tags are given below:

Label Printing:

This type of printing of swing tags is done in order to compliment your key product. These types of swing tags are mostly required by large retailers, small shops as well as market resellers. It is actually a personalised printing. In this type of printing, the swing tags are printed on either 250 gsm of cardboard as well as PVC cards. It all depends on the effect you are looking to create. In this way, you will get this label customized printing on the both sides.

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Cardboard swing tags printing:

As far as the cardboard swing tags printing is concerned, it is done both for the range of small as well as bulk orders. Else there is no applied order. So, the ordering of these cardboard swing tags printing starts from 10 pieces to the large ones. We also offer their free delivery in UK.

This type of printing is done on all sides by applying the additional use of either gloss or matt finish. It all depends on your choice. We make the swing tags which are often cut to shape, whereas their dimensions are greater than 5×5 cm. if this is not the case, the swing tags will be made on 30x42cm sheets.

Vinyl swing tags printing:

In this type of printing, the swing tags are of vinyl and they are printed in large numbers. Their orders vary from 100 pieces into even the large ones. As far as their size is concerned, they are going to be in standard size of 8,5×5,4 cm. As far as their thickness is concerned, they vary from 0.5×0.76mm in thickness.

Due to their higher use of printing effects in the form of silver, gold, their usage can vary from Ids cards to the upmarket branding.

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So, we always make sure to do the best printing of swing tags. We have more than 10 years of experience in the relevant field of business printing and packaging. Having a hardworking and skillful team, we are always here to assist our customers in the best way possible.

So, if you are looking for better printing of swing tags throughout UK, we are always here to assist you in the best way possible.

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